Building a Full Stack Netflix Clone Using React, Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Prisma, MongoDB, NextAuth & Vercel (2023)

Antonio Erdeljac
3 min readMar 6, 2023


Are you looking for a way to create an eye-catching website with the latest technologies? If so, then building a full stack Netflix clone using React, Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Prisma, MongoDB, NextAuth & Vercel is the perfect project for you. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use all of these technologies together in order to build a fully functional website that looks and works just like Netflix. So let’s get started!

Getting Started — Setting Up Your Environment

Before we can get started with our full stack Netflix clone project we need to set up our environment and make sure everything is ready to go. The first step is to make sure that you have Node.js installed on your machine if not you can download it from the official website ( Once you have Node.js installed we also need to install npm which stands for node package manager and is used for managing packages in Node.js projects ( Once both of those are installed we can move onto the next step which is setting up the project directory and installing all of our dependencies.

We will be using React for our front-end framework as well as Tailwind CSS for styling and NextAuth for authentication purposes as well as Vercel hosting service and MongoDB as our database solution along with Prisma ORM library which allows us to access data stored in MongoDB through JavaScript objects instead of SQL queries. To install all of these dependencies we will use npm by running “npm install [dependency name]” in our terminal window or command prompt after navigating into our project directory. This will install all of the necessary packages into our project directory so that they are readily available when needed during development time frames.

Once all of this setup has been completed it’s time to start coding! We’ll start by creating the basic structure of our application such as components, pages and routes as well as setting up authentication functionality with NextAuth which should be relatively straightforward if you are familiar with React development patterns already (if not there are plenty of tutorials online that can help). After that’s done it’s time to move onto styling with Tailwind CSS which provides developers with an easy way to quickly apply styles without having too much knowledge about CSS (although some knowledge may still be helpful). Once everything looks good on paper it’s time to start connecting it all together by setting up database connections with Prisma & MongoDB then configuring routing between different pages on our app before finally deploying it live using Vercel hosting service which should provide us with enough stability and speed necessary for any production application without having too much headache or cost involved in managing servers ourselves (depending on usage levels).


Building a full stack Netflix clone using React, Tailwind CSS, NextJS, Prisma , MongoDB ,Next Auth&Vercel is definitely possible given enough time and dedication but might seem daunting at first especially if you are new to web development or don’t have much experience working with these technologies yet — however fear not since there are plenty resources out there such as tutorials , documentation , example projects etc that should give you enough guidance throughout this process . Also keep in mind that building a full feature rich website such as this one usually takes months if not years so don’t expect perfection from yourself right away but rather focus on learning one thing at a time while making small incremental progress over time . Good Luck!